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Top 5 food for brain health and memory

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Hello everyone 🙋 how are you all?🤩what you thinks about brain health ?🤔

” Heyy you know…? What was the name of the movie of Shahrukh Khan?”🤔…Oh god!! Why can’t we remember?😰…

Maybe we need to feed our brain ,like we feed the rest of our body, with a little extra love and care.✨💓

So here I’m sharing my blog that is Top 5 food for brain health and memory

Are you know that? The foods which we eat play an important role in keeping our brain healthy and can improve specific mental tasks, such as memory and concentration🧠.

If you want to improve your mental health then read it completely this will help you to improve your mental health.

According to the health experts especially health neuroscientist, no single brain food can ensure a sharp brain as you age.

The best way to achieving a healthy dietary pattern is including lots of fruits, vegetables, legumes and also whole grains in your daily meal.

So here I’m sharing Top 5 best foods for your brain health:

1. Green leafy vegetables

brain health
Green leafy vegetables

Most research shows that plant-based food helps slow congnitive decline.

Especially, leafy vegetables are rich source of brain healthiest nutrients like vit K, lutein , folate and beta carotene also.

Although Pumpkin contains powerful antioxidants that’s helps to protects the body and brain from free radicals damages.

On the other hand broccoli contains fat soluble vitamins ,and they are important for forming sphingolipids, which is a type of fat densely packed into our brain cells.

2. Fatty fish

brain health

This is an abundant source of omega – 3 fatty acids , healthy and saturated fats to linked to lower body levels of beta amyloid.

Eating fish twice a week is a good food for your brain.

However use fish variety that is low in mercury such as salmon, cod ,canned light tuna , and Pollack

3. Fruit and barriers

brain health
Fruits and berries

The brilliant hue barriers have function of natural plants pigment – flavonoids.

This pigment research posits aid memory improvement.

Consuming to a more serving of barriers and blue barriers each week, was proven at Harvard’s brighma and women hospitals to delay memory decline a by up to 30 months.

As we know Oranges ,lemon ,sweet lime and most fruit are rich in vitamin C.

Even only , eating one medium orange a day can supply all the vitamin C you need for that day .

4. Tea and coffee

brain health
Tea and coffee

Caffeine offers more than a short – term concentration boost.

Although the 2014 study published shows that participants who takes caffeine in high quantity scored better on tests of mental function.

Basically Green tea boosts brain function and improves performance memory and focus.

Also , coffee which mainly consist of caffeine and antioxidants helps your brain.


brain health

Generally , nuts are great source of protein and healthy fats .

That’s why Nuts have been proven by researchs to improve memory .

As we know, walnuts are high in a particular omega -3 fatty acids called alpha linolenic acids (ALA) that’s helps in lowering blood pressure and protects arteries.

The foods listed above👆 may help to improve a person’s memory and concentration🧠.


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